Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When life pays back times two

as I drive along, my eyes glance upon the tachometer of the car
my mind comprehends the vague figure as 83020 (kms)
I’ve driven down a long way in my life

a decade filled with more painful experiences than peace
occasional flashes of joy, random minutes of happiness

but the present, presents itself so bleak, so uncertain
things just don’t work the right way in life, they go awry

a friend whom you cherish so closely ignores you completely
a jolt so hard that it pains more than the prick of a thorn

there are times when you think maybe somewhere in the past
you may have ignored a friend in life unknowingly, it hurts more
maybe its not just worth it to push too much affection
or too much attachment even in friendship

as myriad thoughts of nostalgia flash through the mind
I recollect those lines another friend of mine used to quote -

“whatever you do in life, comes back to you times two”
“always remember that”

And when that happens, it hurts twice as much


Srividya said...

one good thing about life paying back twice...spread joy & u can enjoy twice as much :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Looks to me like an autobiography...So what did you do to your friends.!!! Just kidding.

As they say...What goes around..comes added to the power of 2.!

That's life isn't it.!