Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Until the last moment

there are times when life lets our mind travel
a turn of roulette, and moments simply unravel

spaces just tricky, and thoughts as much sticky
luck being for sake witty, not acting quite pretty

and then she cometh with all the apt words and phrase
swept into talk with a hint of poise, subtle grace

slow little raindrops, sunshine bursting the window pane
is she the little lioness, in all wilderness and terrain

words flow like water dotted with cursory rushes
in tense past and present, do we but feel imaginary nudges

as smooth and swift as fingers on piano keys
did we get this far rather with eclectic ease

the rain must fall, the wind gather force
would we run on a lane so same in our lives and course

between the luck and trance, steps pause and fade
would all the affection still remain, or would we just evade

amidst the chaos that is life, will she still prevail
beyond both our futures, is this mirage, mist or veil