Thursday, August 18, 2005

Waiting for a miracle

Why is it that there are some things in Life which we can never control inspite of all our efforts ? why is it that there are some things which seem so near to us and are yet so far ? Is this a feeling of sadness thats engulfing me ?

No, its not the sadness, its beyond just that. Or is it the desperation ? Negative. Then what is it that shrouds so much within you, eating you in and out, and not giving the inner peace that you very much crave for. When mounted with obstacles in Life, there is no hope but to wish for a miracle, a miracle that may be waiting to happen, a miracle that may not happen, but the thought of a miracle that still instills a small ray of hope in my inner-sub-conscious. Time heals, they say, but what if it does not ? Then what do we turn to ?

"Dont worry" "things will work" "have hope" .... all these phrases seem so obscure.

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Srividya said...

been there..stayed in that phase for rather a long time. However obscure it may sound... it is for the best, take my word for it!