Saturday, August 20, 2005

Losing sleep over....

What is it like to lose a lot of sleep ? Well, if you ask me these days, I can surely tell you a word or two. Why ? Well, what do you do when your mind is so preoccupied that you are just not able to put it to sleep easily. Its not hyperactivity, but this spaced out feeling. This sinking feeling that whatever you end up doing, however positive you are, things just dont go your way. The sheer state of helplessness.

How do you feel, when someone you cherish a lot, a friend whose shoulders you want to fall on, isnt showing up on your cellphone screen ? Blame I shall not, for if my time is bad, then whats the use of blaming my dear friend. Sometimes, good luck brings you, great surprises you least expect. But, the sheer bad luck brings not even a speck of shine to your face. And you touch a point in Life, when things just suddenly go blank - as blank as a TV screen with white dots scattered all over.

Tere mere saath jo hota hai
Sab ke saat woh hota nahin
Jab saara jag hi sotha hai
Phir neend hamein kyun aatheen nahin ?

1 comment:

Srividya said...

blame not yourself, not even ur friend
for u know not... if ur friend's also stuck in a tight spot!