Monday, June 12, 2006

When life just slips away

Ankahee. That which has been left untold.

This tale of infidelity, desperation and deceit keeps you glued to the drama unfolding. The sheer fact of Life slipping away from one's hands, a doctor in this case, is quite intricately captured by Vikram Bhatt. Shekar's (Aftab) world gets ripped apart as he gets tangled in a relationship with a manic depressive woman. He lends a helping hand but is caught into a whirlpool which seperates his wife and daughter from him forever.

The gentle background piano score and the lustre backdrops lend a unique soft effect to the film. However, certain dialogues and expressions leave quite a telling effect on one's psyche. The synthesis of serenity and neurosis gives the narrative a cutting edge.

Ankahee courts observant silences on many occasions. Pritam's background score is evocative. Mere Paas Aaa, Socha na tha and the theme music blend with the sequences. In one restaurant sequence the director appears as one of the guests at a table. There are hitting dialogues which give you a sudden jerk - "Why do you have to be so devoted to me? Why is it always about me?"
Ankahee. This tale is about Vikram Bhatt's affair with Sushmita Sen. Or so they say. The character of Sushmita portrayed in this film raises many a question in your mind.

Is all the glitz and glamour really worth the ride?


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