Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Corbett National Park

Rule No.1 - Don't get down and walk in the jungle. Never, if you're in a place like Corbett!

No other bollywood movie captures the mood of a jungle this well. Debutant Director Soham brings out the world of the jungle in a truly breathtaking style. Crisp cuts, awesome cinematography and a stunning background score create a new genre. You literally fall in love with the jungle.

"Kaal" shows us how it is to be done, without degrading the genre or stepping too hard and fast on those peripheral scares. The best thing debutant director Soham Shah has done is to take his ingenious plot into the great wild outdoors - the Orbit Park.

End of the movie, a few words and sounds still linger on....

"Saab - Yeh Core Area hai - Route # 5. Bahut Khatarnaak hai"

"Kuch log shikar karneatey hai, kuch shikaar ban jaate hain"
"When you enter the jungle, you're a stranger to the animals"
"1300 kms of dense forest. This jungle has its own rules"


Srividya said...

here's some info on the park, jus chk out the tiger's pic Link

Vaishnavi said...
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RUMS said...

And lets not forget the famous tigers! they starred with Russel Crowe in Gladiator ;)