Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Perch presents

Perch, a collective group of enterprising youngsters, present a first of its kind festival in Chennai. Take a look at what the festival has on offer.

Under the Mangosteen Tree by Perch


Srividya said...

I read somewhere that "Moonshine & Skytoffee" is supposed to be a real nice play.. did u go for any of the events?

sansmerci said...

nice blog
u seem to kno a lota hangouts in chennai ... n happening events also!

rems me of .. i write reviews there too.. they also have a complete events page for chennai now..hope u ll find it interesting to write/read reviews :) felt u ll be interested like me so let u kno

happy blogging!

sansmerci said...

i've blogrolled u at :)

Sriram V Iyer said...

@ merci - thanks again, merci beaucoup! ;-)