Monday, March 12, 2007

There's more to life than just grades!

Five Point Someone by Madras Players is coming up yet again in town this month. A few lines from my friend Kiruba's blog on their last performance. The biggest laughter and the loudest boo came for this particular line. A visibly upset IIT professor, pissed that one of the students couldn't answer a simple question says "The standard of the institute is going down day by day. What are you? Commerce students?" The crowd clearly comprised of engineering and errr... let's say, non-engineering students. You know where the laughter and the boos came from!

The performance by all the Profs were truly splendid. The one of Dr. Cherian by PC Ramakrishna would really catch you in awe. The protagonist's role was quite well etched and his alter ego performed by Vidyuth was also commendable. The role of Neha was well portrayed by a 'petite belle' from MOP Vaishnav with the right expressions and was quite convincing.

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Barani said...

I read this book sometime back and luv'd it. Is there a way we can find the DVD or CD of the play? I would love to watch it.