Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Chennai Concert Circuit

Heartbeat Ensemble

"Heartbeat" is an ensemble of carnatic music and fusion styles pioneered by Ghatam Karthick and is a regular feature during the kutcheri season. Karthick is accompanied by Embar Kannan on the silent violin and by Raju on the Mandolin. This is one concert a connosieur shouldnt be missing out on! - Watch out for Heartbeat in the coming weeks in the city - Check out their show timings on Kutcheribuzz.
[More on Heartbeat]

Remembering Rafi

It was a mammoth event. One which diehard fans of Mohammed Rafi, Kishore or Lata ought not to have missed. `Nostalgia,' the show featuring Mohammed Aslam (Paatshala/RDB) and a few other artists at the Kamarajar Hall, Chennai, had an imposing 40-piece orchestra with Raguraj Chakravarthi as conductor. You just had to close your eyes to be transported to Rafi's duniya. [More on Remembering Rafi]

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Barani said...

Thanks for the lovely treat Sriram !! Loved it..