Monday, October 30, 2006

That don't impress me much!

The Chennai police will now go after lawbreakers in Hyundai Accents. Hundred upgraded Accents have been gifted to the police force by Hyundai. - Yahoo News.

That sounds great. But the alarming levels at which traffic rules are being violated is what makes it look wasted! Moreover, the cops are taking this as a ‘publicity stunt’ - even this morning, a cop in a hyundai pulled up at a bank premises near a signal, having no sense whatsoever that he would be blocking vehicles coming at the back. Now, why did he do that? “well, ahem, just to talk to the security guy casually on some rules and the usual blah blah stuff”.

So much for the ‘makeover’. This makeover comes in as the sales of cars like the Hyundai Accent and Tata Indigo are dipping into red. So to speak, was it really a makeover/friendly gesture - or just “good riddance” for the automobile major.

Whatever, one thing’s for sure, not only are the CCP gonna burn up more gasoline via the exchequer, they would pretty well add spice to the existing ’cacophony’ on Chennai roads.

As Shania Twain would croon - “Okay, so you got a new car eh, that dont impress me much!”

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Ayshu said...

:-)totally agree..and after driving rugged ols jeeps they take ages to get used to these cars and cause more traffic on the road!!not to sound harsh but hopefully they come around!!