Sunday, February 05, 2006

Someone stroked gently

Someone stroked gently....

someone stroked the virtual veena on my mind
strange thoughts set the tone on my mind
with a tired sigh, with a wavering mind
the twilight waves goodbye, albeit with a heavy heart
today, someone stroked the virtual veena on my mind

even the moon today seems like the scorching sun
the colorful spring today feels like sober rain
your heart, shattered like broken pieces of glass
like the poor bird that flew high but got bruised

amidst the mist (slowly) like the rain that drifted away
like a lamp flickering in the wind, who is that waiting
your face resembles a bird that has lost its feathers
the strained heart wipes away the rainbow in the mind
and you, like the flow of tears, remain....

Aaro veral meeti...

aaro veral meeti manasil mann veenaiyil
etho vizhi neerin shruthi meetunnu mookam
thalarum thanu vodey - idarum manam odey
vida vaangunna sandhye - virahaadrai aaya sandhye
innu, aaro viral meeti manasil mann veenaiyil

vennilaavu polum ninakku inn eriyum venal aayi
varna raaji meetum vasantham varsha shokham aayi
ninndey aardra hrudayam thooval chillu udanya padam aayi
irulil parannu murivetu paadum oru paavam thooval kiliaayi neee

paathi maanya manjil pathukkey peithu ozhinja mazhayayil
kaatil minni maayum vilakkaai kaathu nilpathu aarey
ninndey moha shakalam - peeli chirag odinjha shalabam
manasil menanju mazhavillumaaikum oru paavam kanneer mukilaai neee


Srividya said...

A happy version of the song wud be:
Someone stroked a gentle veena in my mind,
Every sound, every word from then on sounded divine.
Even the moon seemed much like the sun,
So full of warmth and full of light golden.
Someone stroked a virtual veena in my mind :)

RandomThoughts said...

I fully agree with Srividhya! THe same situation with two different connotations!


The Soul Doctor said...
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The Soul Doctor said...

Hi Sriram

very nice poem. you wrote the original in malayam or in english?

Great to know that you can write poems in many languages. Write more.

I think I have seen you in orkut or OI, though I am not there anymore.

Thanks for droping in my blog.:)

@ Srividhya

I can see an eternal optimist in you. Nice rewording.

thushar said...

u plagiarist!!!


Sriram V Iyer said...

@ Doc

its not my poem. they are lyrics from a mallu movie and its not that easy to translate, as you can see.

@ Tushar

please note, i never said i wrote them.

@ Srivi

and, why are you dormant?

thushar said...

thats why i put in a :), u plagiarist!

iceofu said...

It's treat for reading it in English . I really appreciate for translation. Though I am far across the seas my roots always usher me to listennto beautiful Malayalam melodies. I wish if you can translate Aaa nimishthal song by jananki .thank you Aakaash