Monday, December 26, 2005

Chords of Discord

you start out on a journey
a journey to discover another soul
the chillness surrounds you
with a strange serenity

you come face to face with reality
and you feel the warmth

some experiences in life come as new
moments we havent come across in the past
totally new in its entirety

there are times
when you just dont want
life to pass at its own pace
just dont feel like increasing the pace
you desire that some moments last longer

and then
a sudden turn
an unexpected jolt

and you are enveloped by a void

from the chords of communication

a day filled with hope
a day filled with anxiety
a day filled with expectation
a day filled with desperation

and the day ends with a vacuum

and little do you realize that
you are back on your journey
all those hundreds of miles back
all those hundreds of miles away

back to the pavilions of monotony....

a journey you begin with a void
sometimes ends with a void too

"aankhon se tu dhoor hai
dhadkano ke paas hai"

1 comment:

Srividya said...

Nice verse..full of feeling
you do realise that life as a journey is a continuos one...void though it may seem now, the precious moments (which u wish would last longer) are many more to come!